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Need to Automate a new or existing bending process?

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Project Planning and Simplified Quoting

You provide pictures of your tubing bender, we provide an accurate upgrade quote, usually in 24 hours. We will also include options to make your bender and production more efficient.


After ordering, we will schedule an online meeting to go over the project timeline and installation options. 

Speedy Installation:
Your Place or Ours

We can perform most complete upgrades on site at your location, or you can choose to ship your bender to us. A typical upgrade installation from power down to back in production is less than one week.

You can rest assured in your ability to meet your production demands!


Every upgrade installation includes a WiFi adapter and support software. Simply connect to your network and we are available for scheduled remote support at no additional charge.


In most cases we can remotely diagnose and have your machine back in production the same day. 


RbSA Industrial and is dedicated to providing a superior controls upgrade experience to our customers.


With extensive experience in industrial manufacturing and production maintenance, we understand how important it is to your operation that your tube bending equipment be reliable and efficient. We have partnered with Current Tech, the makers of BendPro CNC Tubing Bender Controls as one of their primary distributors and installers. BendPro is the industry standard for CNC Bender Controls, offering customers the ability to standardize the control used for all of the CNC tube bending operations, regardless of who the original of the bender was. 

Our team has worked across many manufacturing industries, including: automotive, furniture, aerospace, hydraulic equipment, HVAC, shipbuilding, and many more. We are able to leverage this experience to support your manufacturing operation.


Looking for New Tube Bending Equipment?

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Looking for New Tube Bending Equipment?

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Looking for New Tube Bending Equipment?

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